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Who we are

What is "Travel Creators"?

Travel Creators is a platform that helps to connect travellers - who want to be in control of their holiday, with experienced local Travel Creators - who are able to assist them to fully customise, plan and book their adventure. Our goal is to make travel human! We aim to create a sense of community and passion for exploration. By using experienced and trusted local, independent Travel Creators - you can say goodbye to stressful planning and Hello to authentic travel!

Who are the Travel Creators?

Our Travel Creators are professional, local travel experts. They are passionate about the experiences they create and want to share their niche adventures with the rest of the world! Some are small business owners specialising in a few destinations or a specific type of travel. Some Travel Creators work with others to uplift their communities, with vast knowledge of unique activities/experiences in the area.
All of these incredible creators have one thing in common - Passion! They will inspire you, then assist you to fully customise, plan and book your next adventure. Our Travel Creators do this by sharing their knowledge and expertise but keep you, as the traveller, in the driver's seat! After all, it's your holiday isn't it?

Where are the Travel Creators from?

Our Travel Creators are based ALL OVER THE WORLD. Many of them are locals; offering an insight into the most unique aspects of the area, offering totally out of the box experiences and hidden gems (some of which you might not have access to alone). Some might be operating more remotely and simply be passionate about sharing their travel discoveries and unique experiences with you! The possibilities are up to you, choose what suits your style and customise it to suit your needs!

Do you have vacancies or employ Travel Creators?

No, we work with creators who have an audience and who want to grow to their own travel business. Please note that our only only official site is and be aware of job ads impersonating travel businesses, we only post job openings on our official site or on our verified channels.

Travellers: Customise and Create

Why would I want to use a Travel Creator to help me plan my next holiday?

Our Travel Creators help you find off the beaten track adventures and experiences (that you may not have access to alone) as well as provide a personalised service. So with their help, you can fully customise and create trips that suit your needs and ultimate travel style. Let your Travel Creator deal with the details, so you can focus on what's really important - having the best time, relaxing and making incredible memories! After all, Holidays are supposed to be stress free right?

How can I trust the credibility of your Creators?

Travel Creators undergo a thorough vetting process before they can work on our platform. Some of the things we investigate during the process include identity and business verification, professional liability insurance and business documentation reviews to ensure that they are who they say they are and provide the services they claim to provide.

How do I know which Travel Creator to choose?

We know, with so many amazing options, it's tough to narrow it down to one creator. But we have some catchy filters that may help inspire and connect you with a Travel Creator that resonates with your personal style the most! Once you’ve found someone that catches your eye, you’ll work with them to turn your perfect trip into a reality. Think of it as a sort of “travel cupid”: Sometimes when you know, you just know.

How do I contact my Travel Creator?

Initially your first form of contact might be via the chat function, email or enquiry through the link on the platform. You may opt to continue using these methods or include Whatsapp to call easily. We do recommend that you keep all communication through the platform directly, this ensures that you receive the best experience.

How long will it take to hear back from my Travel Creator?

Although our Travel Creators may seem superhuman, they aren't within laptop/cellphone range 24/7! Please allow roughly 24-48 hours for a response. If, for some reason you’re experiencing any trouble - simply pop us an email and a member of our team will assist you!

What will my trip include?

Your trip can include anything you’d like it to. We’re all about you, as the traveller, having the freedom to fully customise your adventure to suit YOUR travel needs. But for an idea of the basics, each trip has its inclusions/exclusions/optional information listed at the bottom of the page! Or you can simply pop your Travel Creator a message to confirm what you need and what you would like to be included/removed from your next trip.

What if I want a trip for a longer period than the listing provided by a creator?

With Travel Creators, you can mix and match items/elements of a trip or chop and change them how you wish with your Travel Creator. They are not set in stone. Whereas other travel platforms sell set packages, the trips you book with Travel Creators can be customised to suit your interests, needs and travel style.

I’ve booked my trip, do I lose my Travel Creator?

Absolutely not! Your Travel Creator is there to support you throughout your entire travel process, from start to finish. They will be available via the platform, email, calls or whatsapp (some might even be with you during your travels, depending on what type of experience you’ve booked) to ensure your adventure lives up to your expectations and theirs.

Travel Creators: Becoming a Creator

Why should I become a Travel Creator?

Are you tired of selling one-package-fits-all travel? Do you have a specific niche or unique interest within the travel world? Are you looking to widen your travel audience and showcase your authentic experiences to an international market? Then we are the perfect fit! We’re making travel human, are you ready to join us?

How do I become a Travel Creator?

A passion for travel and for sharing your unique experiences is a must! If our company philosophy has resonated with you and our FAQ’s have inspired you to join our community - please visit how to become creator to learn more about joining our community. As and when we have openings for your unique, niche travel experiences we’ll contact you directly to start the vetting process. We’re waiting to grow your business and help you showcase your unique style on a global scale!

What is the screening process for your Travel Creators?

Our Travel Creators need to pass our screening process to ensure that they can provide the level of service that we expect. This includes a variety of aspects, such as:

  • A live video interview and introduction
  • Identity and business verification
  • Reviews of all business documentation and Professional Liability Insurance
  • Application, including itinerary/trip samples and traveller reviews

    Is there a subscription fee for using the platform to promote my trips?

    There is no joining/subscription fee for using Travel Creators. We just work on an agreed commission basis per confirmed booking.

    Growing your audience and showcasing your expertise

    • Make sure you've completed your profile set up, particularly the part where you tell potential travellers about yourself, Your travel experiences and passions for travel.
    • Include unique, high-quality photos of your destinations and experiences.
    • Include as much unique and authentic information as possible about the itinerary to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.
      • Share your profile URL on your social networks too

        I would like my profile to come up under top Travel Creators, How can I get that done?

        There is a list of criteria we follow to select Top Creators. We consider things like the number of bookings and requests they have, traveller reviews, their profiles, etc. Just keep creating quality curated trips and doing your best to put together appealing listings, share with your audience to grow your travel business. Check out our how to guides in the creator tool for top tips.

        Do I have to live in or be from the country of the trips I plan and create?

        Absolutely not. While it’s easy to assume that planning trips in your native country is a good indication that you know it well and would be able to make knowledgeable recommendations, we know that you could also be an avid traveller who has been exposed to different destinations in your personal capacity. The point is for a Creator to be well-versed in the area they are planning trips for, able to find unique stays, attractions, short cuts and tips for navigating the area.

Payment, changes and the nitty gritty

How do I pay?

Once you are happy with the fully customised trip you have created in conjunction with your Travel Creator, you will be sent a secure payment link to finalise and secure your adventure. Payment options are available for certain trips, simply chat to your Travel Creator about your options.

What about Covid?

We know travel has evolved and there is so much uncertainty with the constant changes in regulations. But we couldn't think of a better time in travel history to have an experienced Travel Creator in your back pocket! Work hand in hand with your Travel Creator to either postpone or redesign your trip, as and when you need to! *T&C's apply

How do I cancel or postpone a trip?

Travel Creators are transparent about any changes, and this will be communicated We get it, life happens. If you would like to make a change to your booked trip, you must get in touch with your Creator. Depending on their service providers and policies, there may or may not be cancellation fees and penalties for making changes to your trip.

Changes, Refunds and Cancellations?

Travel Creators are transparent about any changes, and this will be communicated with you directly. Refund, cancellation policies and all other necessary details can be found in our T&C’s.

The Travel Creator platform

There’s a problem on the platform, what do I do?

As much as technology is advancing, sometimes it has a mind of it’s own too. Please let us know if there is anything that doesn't seem to work the way it should on our platform, so we can get it resolved. Simply pop us a with a description (the more details the better for our tech team to start their detective work) or a few snapshots!

I have a cool idea for the platform, what do I do?

We LOVE hearing your feedback and suggestions! If you have an idea that you think could make our platform even better or simply want to tell us how much you love the existing one, then pop us an email on and share your thoughts! We want to ensure our platform remains as user friendly as possible, for both our travellers and our Travel Creators!

Is my data protected?

Absolutely! We have adopted security measures to keep your personal data safe and protected at all time. We do not share your personal data with third party advertisers or any similar bodies.

I have more questions, what do I do?

We're here to help! If you're unsure about anything or if there is anything we can help you with - simply pop us a and a member of our team will get back to you. Please note that our only official site is any dealings with Travel Creators is with our verified team on the platform.


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